Firefighting truck on a light-class chassis, equipped with a pumping unit and tanks for liquid fire extinguishing agents. Designed to deliver personnel, firefighting and other technical equipment to the site of fire (accident), taking actions to extinguish fires at the early stage of their development, and primary rescue operations and first aid to victims. The vehicle is ideal for driving on rough terrain and off-road, by the narrow streets and quays, in closed areas of suburban settlements with limited space to maneuver and poor access for heavy equipment.


Number of seats 2
Length, mm 5320
Width, with / w/o mirrors, mm 2280 / 1990
Height, mm 2260
Wheel base, mm 3000
Front/rear track, mm 1600/1600
Road clearance, mm 210
Fording depth, mm 500
Curb weight, kg 2100
Gross weight, kg 2825
Payload, kg 725
Engine type Diesel
Engine volume, l 2,235
Maximum power, hp (kW) 113.5 (83.5) at 3500 rpm
Drive wheel configuration 4 х 4
Gearbox manual transmission, 5-speed
Drive permanent rear-wheel drive, with rigidly connected front-wheel drive
Front brakes Disk type
Rear brakes drum brakes
Tyres 225/75 R16 or 235/70 R16
Maximum speed, km/h 135
Fuel consumption, l/100 km: at 90 km/h 10
Total volume of fuel tanks, l 72
Pump 3-cylinder, ultra-high pressure
Pumping capacity 38 l/min
Foam-mixing system 0-6% of admixing, infinitely variable
Water tank 200 l
Foam tank 20 l (it can optionally be increased up to 70 l)

High pressure fire pumping unit

Optimum fire extinguishing

  • High pressure spraying, 100 bar working pressure

  • Specially selected firefighting monitor nozzle.

  • Continuous feed of extinguishing liquid from full stream to water curtain formation.

Minimum water consumption

  • Maximum extinguishing liquid feeding capacity – 38 l/min.

  • No damage to equipment from water jet exposure.

Exceptionally high quality foam

  • Continuous change in the percentage of foaming agent, from 0 to 6%.

  • Foam diffuser for manual firefighting monitor.

Long range

  • Effective range of stream is 10 m.

  • No hose kinking (60 m hose).

Easy maintenance

  • Presetting of the pressure and delivery volume of the extinguishing fluid.

  • Thin, light and strong first attack hose.

  • Ergonomic firefighting monitor.

  • Continuous extinguishing process.

  • Full functional range of operation with extinguishing fluid delivery from the supply tank.

Combined manual high-pressure firefighting monitor with removable foam diffuser

  • The flowing liquid volume: 38 l/min

  • With two reels connected: 19 l/min

High pressure reel

  • High pressure hose DN12, length – 60 м (optional 90 м).