Firefighting tanker of heavy-duty class on cross-country chassis. Designed to extinguish large fires when water sources are inaccessible or where an increased fire hazard exists: industrial facilities, oil-refineries and petrochemical plants.


  • Rotary fire pump NH55 made of light alloy materials. Water heating system for wintertime, and protection against engine overheating during long continuous operation of the pump.

  • Fire water monitor on top of the cabin 2500 l/min capacity at 10 bar.

  • Water tank and foam tank with plastic thermal insulation, reinforced with fiberglass, which guarantees long service life, light weight and superior structural strength. Equipped with an overflow control system and electronic level indicator.

  • The water tank is suitable for transporting potable water. Foam tank is suitable for transporting all types of synthetic and protein foaming agents.

  • Automatic foam mixing system excludes any losses and foam generating agent overrun.


Base chassis KAMAZ 65111
Wheel arrangement 6х6
Crew 2+4
Wheel base 4100+1320 mm
Vehicle gross weight, no more 25 200 kg
Engine Cummins ISLe-C375 turbodiesel
Engine power 268 kW at 2,100 rpm
Emission class Euro 4
Fuel tank 260 l
Gearbox Manual transmission, 16-speed ZF 16 S- 1822 TA
PTO clutch independent ZF, model NMV 221
Overall length 10 000 mm
Overall width 2500 mm
Overall height in transport position 3670 mm
Vehicle tilt angle front 25°
rear 18°
Road clearance no less 380 mm
Water tank 8 000 l
Foam tank 500 l
Fire pump N 55
Fire pump capacity 5500 l/min
Pump control system automatic through electronic display
Foam mixing system Fix Mix 3% или 6%
Reel with normal pressure hose of length 60 m and nozzle RB-101
Stream capacity 6 l/s at 10 bar
Fire water monitor on the roof RM25C
Capacity Up to 2,500 l/min at pressure 10 bar
Angle of rotation: in horizontal direction: up to 270°
in vertical direction: 90° (from -20° to +70°)
Jet reach up to 70 m
Type RM 25 C
Location on the roof
Material light metal
Lifting mechanism lift to the height of 450 mm
Nozzle HSD 2500
Full capacity 2,500 liters/min at 10 bar
Reduced capacity 1,250 liters/min at 10 bar
Jet reach about 70 m at full capacity
Control control knob in the driver's cabin or manual control on the vehicle roof
Control equipment CAS-bus system (programmable control with memory unit)
Angle of rotation of fire water monitor Vertical: - 20 ° to +70 °
Horizontal: 270 °
Manufacturer and type Haspel 06
Brakes Friction brakes
Hose reeling on device by hand crank, electric drive
Location at rear part of the firefighting body above the pump
Manual monitor NEPIRO-Ergo
Air-foam nozzle high pressure nozzle (for heavy foam)
Capacity 200 l/min at 40 bar high pressure
Control electro-pneumatic from pump remote control
Fitting 60 m, high pressure rubber hose DN 25
One work light on the driver’s cabin, and lighting fixtures in the roof and at the rear part of the firefighting truck. Remotely controlled from the cabin. Lights inside the cabin, in the pump compartment and equipment bays. Automatic activation when opening the doors or curtain doors.