Production Association “Fire-Fighting Special Technics” Ltd (PA “FFST”)


An exclusive chassis KamAZ 5387 with drive wheel configuration 4х4.2 jointly developed with JSC “RIAT”

Mass production of АЦ 3,2-40/4 fire-fighting tanker,
AWD-based chassis

Extending the vehicle configuration
Developmental work on АZ -8,0.


Three new products for the Russian market:

Restyling of the most popular model
АZ 3,2-40/4. Superstructure on the AWD
chassis KamAZ 5387.

Fire rescue truck АСА-30
with electrical generator and articulated crane.

Prototype APP 0,2-0,3 UAZ (awarded a medal
for Integrated Safety and Security Saloon ISSE)


Development of АZ 4,0-50/4 MAN TGM 13.290.


Production of Airport Crash Tender
based on special chassis АА 11,8-100 6х6 Panther

Production of Airport Crash Tender
АА 8,0-90/6 on chassis KamAZ 65224.


A batch of Extra- Capacity Firefighting Tankers AZ 6,0-70/4 MAN TGM 18.290 for
the Moscow Administration for Provision of Civil Defense Measures


Development of a multi-purpose mobile package UMK-А as part of the firefighting and fire rescue truck units based on all-terrain double-tracked vehicle ATTV BV-206.


Launch of mass production:

- АZ 2,0-40/4 on KamAZ 4308 chassis

- firepumps «Deva»

Development of АZ 3,2 with CAFS foam system for operating in high-rise buildings.

R&D and serial production of vehicles for
military mine-rescue units — VGSCH.


Presentation of models at the Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition:

Launch of the serial production of АЦ 3,2-40/4 on KamAZ 4х2 chassis. Delivery of first 24 units for MChS' needs.

АZ 3,2-40/4 (KamAZ 43253)

АZ 2,0-20/2 (ZIL 433184)

АZ 2,0-20/2 (ZIL 4331М4)

АZ 8,0-40 (KamAZ 65224)

Start of localization program


Registration of a joint venture with one of the world's leading manufacturers of fire and rescue equipment – Rosenbauer International AG (Austria).