UAZ 23602
APP-0,2-30/100 (UAZ–23602) model 023-MS

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Rapid intervention vehicle for prompt extinguishing of medium-sized fires. Ideal for cottage settlements, closed areas and narrow streets of a historic center.

AZ 3,2-40/4

KAMAZ 5387 4х4
AZ 3,2-40/4 KAMAZ 5387 4х4

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Versatile multipurpose fire tanker on KAMAZ 4x4.2 chassis. All-wheel drive provides excellent off-road and all-weather performance.


KAMAZ 5387 4x4
АСА-30-0,8-0,6/100-3,0 (5387) model 022-MS

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The fire rescue truck with an articulated crane. Designed for prompt rescue at road accidents, extinguishing primary fires, emergency and natural disasters recovery.

AZ 8,0-90/6

KAMAZ 65111
AZ 8,0-90 KAMAZ 65111

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Firefighting tanker of heavy-duty class on cross-country chassis. Designed to extinguish large fires when water sources are inaccessible or where an increased fire hazard exists: industrial facilities, oil-refineries and petrochemical plants.


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